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Originally Posted by onewheeldoin200
Well, here's a place to start for safety courses:
Get someone who really knows their stuff to come with you when you go looking and get them to take the bike for a spin. They should be able to get a good idea of what kind of shape the thing is in.

Hope that helps.

Well, herein lies the problem. I know ONE person who rides, and he is the dad of a guy (not even really a freind) I know. I highly doubt he'd do it, we've never got on very well (If I DO find a bike in the area though I will ask him, cant hurt, and he currently rides an R6, so he knows how to ride sportbikes). I was wondering if there would be somewhere I could take the bike in...but if I cant drive it there, I wonder how to get it there? Would the seller ride it there for me, and I could follow in a car?

Thanks ALOT for the help though. If I cant possibly get it checked out, if the seller has reciepts for work done/maintenance records, would that suffice? I will definatly take one of the courses you linked before, so by the time I'm purchasing a bike, I will have my M2, but I doubt the seller would let some random kid who doesnt own a bike go anywhere on the bike, and even if he did, I doubt i'd know if something wasnt working right.

edit: I'm very mechanically inclined...and with a manual, I'm pretty sure I could fix almost the jobs of brakes and clutch cable and other stuff I could do in due time by myself.
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