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The funny part is guys like Hannity, O'Reilly and the rest of the looney bunch pretty much make fiction on a weekly(if not daily) basis, but Tom gets a hardon (like most do here) to say nasty wasty things about wibewals.

For you conservative (though you prefer centrist I'd guess, nothing like a self loathing conservative) masterminds, it sure must be tough living in a lieberal world. Especially when it looks like most agree, and do it vocally too. Ah, the plight of the vocal and oppressed majority.

I guess you missed the part where I said they're all fucking retarded, right? Let me remind you:

Originally Posted by Tom Kazansky View Post
In reality, I think all of those TV political pundits are pretty fucking stupid in their own right, left and right wings, because they're by-and-large partisan hacks who refuse to consider anything on the other side to have any shred of validity, while blindly towing the party line as if it were the word of God.

RTFT next time before you start making up .

I'm pointing out lying liberals because Xayd and others take them at their word without questioning, which is the definition of blind faith. They lie just as much as O'Rielly and Hannity and Coulter and all those other ones, people like yourself and Xayd just don't want to acknowledge it. It's difficult for me to go on a huge tyraid about Hannity and O'Rielly because I never fucking watch Fox, so I can't comment on anything they've said aside from clips I've seen on the internet. I do watch CNN, CBC, 60 minutes, read the Toronto Star, etc., none of which are right-wing or conservative in bias. That makes it pretty tough for me to come on here and make a huge rant about Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh. Sorry to disappoint you, because I know all you wanted to do was sneak in here and start throwing insults about some perceived Fox News dick sucking I'm apparantly doing just because I called Xayd on his .

You want to see liberals making fiction on a weekly basis and spreading it to the public? Head down to Hollywood and listen to some of those "politically active" actors. They spew a brand of that would make Fox blush. Whatever though. If you want to keep believing retards because you like to then go right ahead.
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