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Glenn Beck never went to college (well, technically he got in a cool program at Yale for non-traditional students, took one class and dropped out, but yea...)

Sean Hannity dropped out of TWO universities, and did not get a degree.

Keith Olbermann has a B.S. from Cornell.

So yea, actually, one side's hosts is educated, and the other side's isn't. Not really absurd at all.

Bill Gates dropped out of university too, what a dumb fuck. Abraham Lincoln never went to college too, he must have been a total fucking moron!

George W has a Yale degree on the other hand, so he's a fucking genius just because of it!

Olbermann went to Cornell and studied communication arts. It's not like he went there and reinvented the fucking wheel.

My point was also in a general case anyways, but even if it wasn't, having a college degree does not make you intelligent by default. After graduating university, I can't count the number of people there who were "politically active" that didn't understand the first thing about the issues they were "protesting", and were unable to propose workable solutions to deal with problems they perceived. But, they were getting their degree in Peace Studies or whatever, so they probably know politics better than Abraham Lincoln ever did, since he never went to university.
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