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The real killer was my skill...I wasn't moving fast enough, wasn't used to shooting fast and wasn't great at my mag changes. My sights didn't work great for me since we were facing in to the sun most of the time. Hitting the no-shoot twice instead of the target swinging behind it absolutely killed me; if I hadn't made that mistake I would have finished at least twenty-five points higher, which would have put me a place up...Still nowhere near to being in the hunt, but at least not almost dead last.

this is exactly why I suggest people who conceal carry to participate in IPSC events, it teaches you how to handle yourself through muscle memory when your brain function goes into "oh shit" mode during stress. I can garantee that you were not focusing on how smooth your mag change was, or even how many rounds you fired, just trying to hit the target and move on to the next quickly, and safely. Most people who frequent IPSC events undergo a lot of dryfire practice, and mag changes at home, in order to improve their times, but an added benefit, is that it will help you in the event you actually have to use your weapon.

Also, from the sounds of things, you were shooting Limited 10, not production, but there isnt much difference.

Just remember, Smooth is fast, fast is smooth. Work on doing things slow and right the first time, its better to have a high hit factor, and a slow time vs the other way around. Speed will develop with time the more you do it.
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