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Originally Posted by GhEttOrAiD View Post
no interest in the e-superchargers?

saw vids of one for the last gen, and for the BRZ

Whole lotta nope.

Originally Posted by GhEttOrAiD View Post
What's the top car for gays? The answer is ALWAYS Miata.

...but seriously, it is a Prius.

Originally Posted by RazorWind View Post
Jawesome! I saw my first 124 out in the wild yesterday. I hate to say it, but I think I like the styling better than the ND Miata. I don't think I'd want any car with a Fiat engine, though, if I could have it instead with a Mazda one.

I have a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata myself.

That's a crap photo of it, but the point was the capture the globs of tire mounting sploogesauce that launched off of my motorcycle tire when I seated its beads. You can kind of see one there, on the door.

I was and still am torn on the Fiata looks. As I stated at the beginning of the thread, I think it looks fantastic but worry it won't age well. The Miata on the other-hand seems like it will age into itself, becoming more appealing with time. I felt the same way about the NB and NC, which after a couple decades has proven true. They look even better to me now than they did when they launched.

I would still like to own a Fiata at some point (if not an MSM), maybe after some violent depreciation and having the ND paid off, I'll consider it. Reliability and engine doesn't worry me in the least, they are solid, just not as elegant as Mazda's own implementation.

I love the MSM and was looking at those as well. I drive a LOT and this car will have many miles on it by this time next year, so it made sense to get a new one that I could drive the beans out of without immediate concern for failures. For modern interpretation of the MSM, the 124 is spot-on.
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