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My college was free????

Sure I do steal software, just like I steal music, movies and whatever. I do that very rarely though. I buy what I buy, and that's that.

Me not forking up 90 bucks for an OS that I can get for free doesn't really anything to do with it. I wonder, would you buy your operating systems if daddy didn't pay them for you? You're the one that finds pirating an OS impossible, but you don't buy them yourself.

You're trying to justify using money (apparently 90 dollars, I don't know what the fuck those things cost) to buy ...nothing. Not only that, you buy your things with the money of others.

So how does college work in Finland? Did your parents or any other entity subsidize any part of it? Did you work while you went to college?

I never said I don't steal software. i just think it's hilarious that you miss the irony when you talk about "other people's money" and justify stealing in the same thread.
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