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I don't buy that Greyhounds are good apartment dogs for example. That's personal experience advice with one dog who may be old or fat or retarded or all of the above. Dog that are made to run will want to do just that. Pretty much most dogs are made to travel long distance every day in search of food. They get very restless and sad if you leave them alone in a small space for weeks.

How about you just don't talk about things you don't have a clue about? Did you respond with this just because I said it and you thought you could refute me to make me look stupid?

Greyhounds are lazy couch potatoes. How about you take your own advice and read the wiki on them. This is a well known FACT. Greyhounds were sight hounds bred with the singular task of chasing something down, quickly. Then they were used to race. Where they chased something down, quickly. They're all fast twitch muscles. One burst and they're pretty much done. The rest of their time was spent sleeping and relaxing. They do that extremely well.

As for "don't leave them outside" - again, you know nothing about the breed. They have next to no body fat, so in the winter you have to put a coat on them just to take em on a pee walk. They don't do well sitting in the sun for the same reason. They are not well adapted to regulating their body temperatures. In the bay area, where I think he's from, as long as there is shade I don't see a ton of issues on normal days, except for the fact that again, lack of body fat, they get sores on their bodies very easily when they aren't sleeping on something soft, and they cut very easily. On top of that, they are sight hounds with almost no sense of direction. The dog gets out of the backyard, the dog will BOLT and then have no idea where the fuck they are or how to get back, and they don't stop running until they are exhausted or caught their prey, which makes getting hit by a car an even bigger challenge. Leaving them outside unattended just isn't smart.

You clearly do not know anything about greyhounds, and basically bumped a months old thread just to show your ignorance.
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