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Our fat, adopted corgi with like... papers and noble parentage/provenance has a bark like a fucking sawed off shotgun, obnoxious as fuck. So beware. But she is happy going for extended walks with our collie.

Our (healthier, non rescue) corgi balks and stops short when taken on walks but she really loves to chase balls, sprint around our back yard. But putting around the city would probably be okay. She was the runt of the litter and has off-color eyes but she is awesome. Definitely smaller than our other one. She'll swim after sticks and pine cones thrown into lakes, using her tail as a rudder. Pretty funny.

They are scary intelligent. The runt corgi will pretend to be extremely interested in something going on in the back yard, get the other dogs going crazy then duck into the kitchen to get all the toast crusts.

A collie probably wouldnt be a bad choice, our rough blue merle collie stayed in shape because we didn't overfeed him, but he wasnt a very active dog. Very well mannered, but kind of a chow hound. Family would sit down for dinner and he'd go into nitro high alert mode eyes all the wya open darting from plate to fork to mouth waiting for something to drop.

Our new collie sleeps during dinner and is extremely athletic/sprints around the yard and goes for extremely long walks... He also attacks the pool sweep, has caught its tail, pulled it out of the pool and destroyed it twice now. Every dog is different.
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