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Originally Posted by SVTGMoney
I'm considering starting on an older 600cc sport bike, but still havn't decided between an ex500 and a 600cc. I'm a pretty big guy, 6'2" 225lbs, and I'm thinkin between a CBR600 F3 and a YZF-600, thoughts on the two and will the ex500 be enough for my size?

If you weighed 120lbs I'd say hell 225....well, then it starts to become a decision on your part of how steep you'd like your learning curve to be. That ex500 will make you quicker than almost any car on the road (any factory stock car, really). The F3 and YZF are great bikes, but they do put out ~90hp, or 40hp more than that ex500, which is almost twice as much. Insurance will be more expensive, and you'll be at greater risk of theft.

Really, it comes down to your decision: if you don't mind a little extra outlay of cash (moreso with insurance than buying the bike) and you think you can excercise a lot of restraint while you gain experience, then both would be great bikes for you.
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