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Originally Posted by Kenshin
BoB are shitbags. They can all go fuck themselves.

Their leaders are the biggest, most honorless asshats in the game.
Almost everything they have they've lied, stolen, and backstabbed their way to.

Now, in a way, that's fucking awesome and pretty solid. But... well, it's a game, and they take it too far. They are more interested in ruining the game for other people (or trying to, at least) than "playing."

Of course, part of that is that so much of the Eve community are post-modern pseudo-intellectual fuckwads, who are ready to swallow everything BoB says, get backstabbed, and then are ready to get fucked in the ass 6 months later.

I don't trust them at all to honor anyones borders unless its suits their purposes, and I doubt the rest of Axe or ASCN do either. They will be friendly with you when they are engaged in other conflucts, until it's done and they decide they want your space. I forsee the rest of the eve galaxy one day taking them down, as a precaution.

**NOTE, this post does not represent any official positions by either ASCN or AXE. Purely the opinion of myself.

edit: I'm actually overstating it a bit. In the past, if they were bored, they've had no problem hunting ratting/mining pilots in our space, so I have sort of a grudge

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