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ChristinaC: Welcome to ChaCha!
ChristinaC: Welcome to Chacha!
You: Hi Christina!
ChristinaC: What can I find you on the topic of Fish BLood tonight?
You: I had a question regarding fishes?
You: well more so their blood
ChristinaC: Absolutely! I will answer if I can!
You: How come fish has no blood?
You: I mean they do
ChristinaC: Yes
You: but when you pull them out of the water you would think it would all come spilling out their gills
ChristinaC: This is very true
ChristinaC: Let me see if I can find that answer for you!
You: Any lesser mortal having giant slits down their neck would die
You: Thank you!
ChristinaC: Exactly! Strange phenomenon, I say!
You: Thank you
ChristinaC: Wow, now you'd thing that there would be more information regarding fish blood on the world wide web
ChristinaC: I just can't believe how little info I am finding!
You: I understand
You: Im almost crying here
ChristinaC: Oh please dont
You: out of frustration i mean
ChristinaC: I will find you results!
ChristinaC: Let me try a different avenue!
ChristinaC: Please hold a moment. I will get this info if it takes me an hour!
You: Thank you! You are a gift to people who cant find information
ChristinaC: still searching
You: No problem, I just want to know what keeps their blood in
ChristinaC: Wow, check out hte mouth on that fishy!
You: Oh my!
You: Looks like it could be quite painful if you got your finger caught in one of those
ChristinaC: oh you are so right!
You: I like you christina, you are very helpful!
ChristinaC: I am so trying to be
ChristinaC: I know how frustrating it is to have a question and no answer for it.
You: And there are so many out there in the world
ChristinaC: Well hun, I have tried my best and just not found anything
You: wow
ChristinaC: I am so sorry.
You: its ok
You: I was amazed at that 3rd link
You: I didnt know fish blood could be pet food
ChristinaC: me either!
ChristinaC: Well I hope you have a fanstastic evening!
ChristinaC: Enjoy those links hun!
You: Thank you!
ChristinaC: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended

Hemorrhagic Septicemia
Hemorrhagic Septicemia
Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department
Lamprey Mouth
Fish blood can be pet food
Fish blood can be pet food
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