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Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: DebbieD
DebbieD: Welcome to ChaCha!
DebbieD: Hello
You: hey there =)
DebbieD: How are you doing?
You: I'm great, how about you DD?
DebbieD: I'm good
DebbieD: What exactly can I help you find tonight?
You: well I'm having trouble installing this game I bought
You: it's a 5 disk CD set
DebbieD: Unreal tournament 2004
You: yeah
DebbieD: ok
You: I'm stuck on disk 3 though
DebbieD: okay so you need like a troubleshoot page
You: yeah
You: the CD drive is making really wierd noises right now =/
DebbieD: okay let me see what I can find for ya!
You: okay great
You: do you know if there's a limit on these things?
DebbieD: on the searches?
You: no, on the drive
DebbieD: I am not sure
You: like I mean
You: disk 1 worked fine
You: disk 2 was a bit of a tight fit
DebbieD: hmm
You: disk 3.. i mean i got it in there, but it scraped a bit
DebbieD: that is weird
You: yeah I know
You: i keep pressing the button to get it out but it just makes these noises and doesn't move
DebbieD: have you tried Clt Alt Delete and shutting it down
DebbieD: to start all over?
You: what's that?
You: well
You: i tried prying at the CD drive but it doesn't really move
DebbieD: wow
You: yeah
You: i mean, you'd think theyd make it so at least you could do a 5 disk set.. think i need a newer drive? maybe the older ones don't have enough clearance
DebbieD: that could be it
DebbieD: So far I am finding no information on them getting stuck
You: that's odd
You: or will i need more than one optical drive maybe? I think i'd need at least two more cd drives though, since it seems to choke at 3 disks
DebbieD: Im at the Unreal Tounament homepage right now...I'm checking out what they have in troubleshooting
You: okay great. could you find me a list of CD drives that can fit 5 disks?
DebbieD: yea
You: great, you're the best deb =)
DebbieD: Thanks for being patient!
You: so find anything yet? drive's making grinding noises =/
You: OMG something just snapped
DebbieD: I think you might want to call customer service
You: meh
You: well disk 3 and 1 look broken
You: disk 2 was between both so it just has a few scratches
You: asdfjkhdskgds
DebbieD: that is weird
DebbieD: Where did you buy this game?
DebbieD: I found you a bunch of site with the 5disc CDdrivers
DebbieD: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.


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