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there's 250+ million guns in USA

half are pistols, half of the rest are single shots, etc, not much to worry about. and 1/2 of hte rest are shotguns, not much to worry about beyond 50m or so of range. but that leaves 30 millionn repeating rifles. Even the 22lr can kill you, to 100m or so, one good reason to be wearing concealable, 4 lb body armor. you'd better believe that if shtf, within a very few days, many people will be so desperate for food, gear, etc, that they will attack you without a qualm,many will fire from ambush, etc.

M4, is what you want, preferrably with a silencer, and certainly with a scope and .22lr unit. you do not want the upper receiver 22 units, you want the ability to just have the 3/4 lb .22 unit in the thigh pocket of your cammies, 20 second conversion of calibers. 2" groups at 50 yds is the worst accuracy I have seen, with a dozen such units, in as many AR's. Plenty fo accuracy for foraging. Half that accuracy is enough for combat and snap shooting practice. $150 for the units, a steal.
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