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TiffanyR: Hello how are you?
TiffanyR: What can i help you find today?
You: not good, I ate a hot pepper
TiffanyR: oh no
You: I think I'm allergic to them
TiffanyR: so would you like some sites to tell if you are?
You: yeah I don't think the swelling is from the water I drank
TiffanyR: Ok one moment please while i search for you
You: my entire face is swelling up
TiffanyR: you should go to doctors today
You: will it go away or do I need medicine?
TiffanyR: well im not sure depends on if your swelling is really bad or not
You: any other sites?
You: I can taste blood in my mouth.
TiffanyR: Still searching how the first one?
You: the first one isn't good
You: am I spelling it right: jalepano?
You: oh this is terrible, I feel horrible
TiffanyR: yes you spelled it right
You: there are still tears coming out of my eyes
You: stings
TiffanyR: Are these working for ya
You: let me try that 4th one
TiffanyR: if not i may have to transfer you to a guide with more experiance on this keyword
You: 0 Results for allergy jalepano peppers in All Results
Transfer: You are being transfered to another guide who can help you search even better!
Looking for guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: KarenS
KarenS: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: I'm going to die
You: I'll never touch jalepano peppers again
KarenS: Hello there
KarenS: I am sorry to hear that
You: I'm sweating profusely now...I have to go
You: I have to get to the hospital
KarenS: ok, call your doctor
KarenS: call 911
You: ai ijf w2
You: o
You: Thanks, I'm done.
Status: Session ended.
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