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Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: DonnaS
DonnaS: Welcome to ChaCha!
DonnaS: hi there
You: hi
DonnaS: What kind of vaults did you need information on?
You: hey
You: well i might can help with those genmay guys
You: all you need to do is say" please vault this thread " and it will stop
DonnaS: General Mayhem?
You: yeah
You: can you just say VALUT THIS THREAD"
DonnaS: vault this thread?
You: yes
You: in all caps
You: just say that
You: k
DonnaS: Thank you for using ChaCha!
You: gg thx
Status: Session ended.
how about a nice hot steaming bowl of STFU!

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