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Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: MariaA
MariaA: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: Hi Maria
MariaA: Hi there. I will be helping with your search.
MariaA: What can I help you with today?
You: This is a bit of an awkward question.
MariaA: Go ahead.
You: I'm probably going to end up in prison some time in the very near future. And I need to know who I need to stay away from when i'm in there
You: Should I just keep quiet and not talk to anyone? Or do they like the quiet ones?
MariaA: Oh ok I know what you mean.
MariaA: give me a moment to find that for you.
You: Obviously I know not to get involved with any gangs or anything like that
You: I wanna to get through my (hopefully brief) stay with as little.....rectal tearing, as possible
You: if you know what I mean

words words words

"with as little ... rectal tearing, as possible. if you know what I mean"
" "

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