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Because the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times have done nothing of the sort, right?

Fox News does some stupid shit, but they're not alone, and don't pretend they are just because you don't like them but like the other guys.

And yes, I saw that clip from the Daily Show, and it was pretty fucking stupid. About as stupid as this guy from the New York Times. Surly that's not a big deal though, because it's left-wing and not Fox.

stupid how, because it caught your friends lying their asses off?

the video was fake. the comments about the video were fake, because the authors knew they were using fake video. an orchestrated lie.

as for the NYT article you linked, the NYT researched and published a list of articles the person above had worked on after firing him in a public retraction/apology.

we have all seen faux on the other hand, DEMAND that reporters lie, and fire them for refusing to do so, then defend their right to lie and call it news in court.

no matter how hard you polish that turd, you can't convince anyone that your fake news is anything more than the propaganda arm of the republican party, but by all means keep trying, there are a million examples to prove you wrong with each reply.
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