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most radiators have just an inlet/outlet - what would prevent somebody from swapping in a mishimoto of equal size and running two (3?) towards the back? What's cooled by the coolant on these cars? When I put my car together I made simplicity the highest priority and in my quest I had eliminated a solid 3ft of random coolant hoses, easily.

The only places you could fit radiator(s) would be on the sides, and they'd be small. Probably the size of a box of triscuits. And you'd have to run a W2A or top mount intercooler. The engine bay is tight and hot enough as it is without a bunch of radiators up there.

Besides which, there's no penalty to performance having abnormally long coolant pipes. If anything its a benefit because its extra surface area to wick off heat.

It is a royal pain in the OMGOMGOMGOMG to flush and refill coolant though. Cyl 3 explodes if you have any bubbleage
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