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most radiators have just an inlet/outlet - what would prevent somebody from swapping in a mishimoto of equal size and running two (3?) towards the back? What's cooled by the coolant on these cars? When I put my car together I made simplicity the highest priority and in my quest I had eliminated a solid 3ft of random coolant hoses, easily.

The short answer is that there isn't space for it in the engine bay. The vents you see on the side of the car are for the intercooler on the right, and part of the intake tract on the left. There isn't space to put a radiator in them, and my strong suspicion is that there isn't sufficient airflow for it, either.

Most of the coolant hoses are located inside the engine bay, and are related to the heater. You can, obviously, just remove most of them, and plug the barbs with something, but then the heater wouldn't work. Whether or not that's acceptable is up to you.

One thing that a few folks have experimented with is cutting out the floor of the trunk (aft of the engine bay), and mounting a radiator or intercooler in there, with a vent out the space between the taillights. Consensus always seemed to be that while it worked OK, it didn't work well enough to justify going to that much trouble.
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