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Why yes.. it is a good financial choice.

40 bucks, as opposed to the 100, 200, 300 dollar welfare check?

And someone gets to be employed to check the testing, plus administration?

WTF, is, the problem here?

knowing how many would be denied for these on a regular basis? VERY easy.

1) Occasional fees WOULD come up for things like drug tests. We could use these as a last resort to simply measures that don't really cost much money - such as US Citizenship or actually showing up by a given date.
2) Minimum to very small wage jobs. You know... Those wacky jobs that pay taxes? Yeah, those.
3) I could make bets that 1 employee could deny over 200 checks in a given day. Yes. Day.

Saves money, all around the globe? Yes. Yes, I think so
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