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Dude..... how many PSI in each cylinder? I think there's a reason you haven't posted those numbers.

This is one of the worst cases of "guess and fail" I've ever seen.

If you have good compression, it's ignition/sensor stuff. If you don't, then you need new valve guides, or rings - pulling the head is your next step. Physically examine the walls once the head is off. If your mechanic has half a brain he can do all this in one day and tell you what the actual problem is.

Sounds like you're going to some shade-tree self taught messican'ts instead of a real shop with lifts, bays and certified mechanics

compression test hasn't been run, I thought I already said that... What the fuck do you want from me? There isn't a steady stream of competent mechanics who know MR2's (or who would even be willing to touch this car) pouring out of the technical schools... I don't know why he didn't make time to run a compression test, but given that the motor is showing signs of life its certainly worth doing.
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