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The market will probably not recognize any increased value from new windows. Unless it's part of an overall "green" package and you've got a low HERS score to back it up.

I'm an appraiser and although I don't do any residential work I've spoke to enough residential appraisers to know that this is one of those things that does not really count, except insofar as it reflects the overall quality and condition of the property.

$150/year equals a 76 year payback. If you actually account for the time value of money your house will be a pile of kindling before you would realize a return on your investment.

If you had two identicla houses and one had these windows and the other were the normal windows, would you pay $10,000 more? $5,000 more? Ultimately this is what an appraiser is trying to figure out. I'll bet you'd be lucky if it added even a few thousand dollars to the value. Certainly nowhere near enough to recongize a return on your investment.
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