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wait so let me get this straight. they bid. they bid too high. you knew it was too high and you declined it.

...then you asked genmay if it was too high... only to say you declined it after so many people said you were a moron if you considered that an option?

well either you're a moron that didn't really realize it was too high and genuinely wanted to know if it was, or you made a thread for no reason.

either way i'm betting you give up installing your own windows after the 3rd one and call a contractor to finish it for you.

No, I asked Genmay if I'd get at least 90% of my money back on resale of the house... If I would get 90% of my money back when I resold the house, the PITA I'd avoid by having the contractor do it would have been worth it, including the energy savings in the meantime.

I had two other quotes given to me on equivalent windows after posting the thread... one was 10K, one was 13K. I declined them all, since discussions with several real estate agents said that it wouldn't make a big difference in the speed or sale price of the house.

I want the new windows, so after I do the roof and siding next summer, I'll replace the windows the following summer.
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