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Update - Body is officially mounted. Took me longer than anticipated. It required some cutting on the body and it kind of freaked me out and I avoided working on the car for a couple of months. There was a 1/2 inch gap between bottom of body and top of frame rails that bugged the shit out of me. The culprit was the front bod mounts on the body. They had to be cut out, and resized to take out a 1/2 hump in the mount, then welded back in. Doing so, also required cutting the cowl panels which was a kick in the nuts because they were completely rust free and its forcing me to now have to put in cowl patch panels.

But I finished modifying front body mounts 2 weeks ago, and finished the rest of the body mounts a week ago and body is officially mounted. Modified 2 front mounts, and fabricated 4 more - 2 in the middle, and 2 in the back. Doors are a little bit out of line - still shut, but the reveal is about 1/2 an inch off. I'll shim the body with the body mounts to get that back in line...worst case scenario, i'll have to make 2 more body mounts to give another connection point to sure everything up.

Last Saturday, it was time to mount the motor and transmission. Luckily, I only had to cut a 1 inch by 6 inch patch out of the firewall to get it to fit. If i were running an automatic tranny, that would have required a lot more cutting. Took me longer than it should have, a full day to square up, cut and shape motor mounts to fit, and weld in. But its done and i think it sits right. Dropped the front of the car a good 2 inches too adding to the rake.

Next up, mount radiator and grill shell and steering. Steering scares me. Once thats done, i'm taking it all apart, and painting the chassis (black), then put it all back together. From there, nothing else should be terribly difficult. Just lots of work and lots of time. Still have floors, gas tank, run fuel and brake lines, dash, guages, seat, wood kit for roof, lights - front and back, wiring, finish motor assembly, clutch......and who knows what else. Thats just at the top of my head. Still don't know if i can meet my goal of driving it to Austin in April, but i'm going to try like hell.

Body Mount

Motor Mount

Muncie 4 Speed

Going to have to get my axle bent - Damn it

Shameless Selfie after hard day in shop
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