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what happened w/ the accident? did you get reimbursed? don't remember the particulars or who was at fault

Was technically my fault, but not because of anything i did. My car is the one that caused the accident, so, yes, its my fault. Still pretty sure the rear end broke free of frame, but I'll never know for a fact.

I totalled the semi i hit. Insurance put up a fight and stated that they were only covering liability but wouldn't cover the car. I called and made a lot of threats that apparently held ground, and they came through and paid for the car in full. My ex is actually having it fixed surprisingly enough. From the firewall back, the car was still solid. the A-Pillar was a bit wonky, firewall was pushed in, dash was jacked up, and the floor was buckled, and the passenger door was toast. Obviously, the frame and motor were beyond gone. Motor had a huge hole in it.

She picked up a monte-carlo for $800, parted it out for $500+, and is putting the body on the monte carlo chassis. Before we split, I looked for a grill for the '51 as the one on it was cracked. I found a dude selling the grill, 2 absolutely perfect fenders, a hood with one dent in the very front, and 2 doors for a 4 door. Gave $300 for all of it. I ended up giving all of that to the ex so she has all of the front sheet metal. Her "friend" is supposedly fixing it all for it. I say "friend" in quotes because i'm pretty sure they're fucking. You don't (re)build a car for a "friend". But you might for some pussy.
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