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....I know that
So then your point is? Why aren't people already running around killing people and causing general mayhem already? Datura/belladonna is quite possibly the worst example you could have used in regards to the problem of people knowing about a drug, most people just get scared/sick/pass out/die from it's use than anything enjoyable, it's pretty far removed from common recreational circles.

Illegalization & denial-of-information are pretty irrelevant/useless when it comes to people's desire to fuck themselves up on substances. Just look at the commonality of homebrew amphetamine labs and how meth use has skyrocketed in the past years. Word of mouth is capable of quite a lot in these circumstances. All of this without a government standardized, easy-to-access resource of information (ie not erowid). I think the government's role in, well, governing our own chemistry is supply information, and regulate use (ie driving while intoxicated, public intoxication, etc). But to simply turn a blind eye (or worse, exaggerate or decieve) to these substances only hurts potential users & keeps current users very ignorant to safety concerns. I doubt most people would want to try meth if they knew how damaging it was in the long term. Dexedrine is a much better choice

This thread just makes me laugh. Pot = evil but alcohol = okay, according to our beloved government. Yeesh.
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