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my argument is against ALL drugs being legalized, not pot, if you'd read the thread, you would see that I support the legalization of marijuana.
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Honestly, until people can get properly educated on drugs, and take responsibility for their actions while on drugs, I think the way the system is now is OK. Or at least, we could have a commune where people could be distributed drugs under the circumstances that they had to do it within the confines of the commune, and ensured that they didn't go nuts and had a controlled trip and fully understood the drug(s). I still stand by the fact that they should properly educate kids on drug effects, however, but legalizing EVERYTHING all at once is definitely not the answer. But I fully do agree with you that the current state of drug prohibition is an infringement on your freedoms, I just don't know how to remedy it without giving drugs an even worse reputation (because if you legalized everything, people would abuse the hell out of them all).
You assume that most people have rationalizing skills below you. In fact, many people do this. Ask someone what would happen if drugs were legalized, and they'll say "Everyone will start using drugs recklessly and horribly". Ask them if they would start doing this, and they'll say "No, I know better. Other people don't."

It is arrogance of the highest order.
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