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so thought with WOTLK coming up anyone interested in my characters?

70 Male Tauren Feral Druid.
5/8 T6. Helm, Chest, Legs, Hands, Shoulders
2/5 T5 Chest, Shoulders
4/5 T4 Hands, Helm, Shoulders, Legs
Badge belt
Multiple sets of boots
Multiple Tanking + DPS Staffs

Tanking Stats
34.5 k armor. 18khp, almost 40% dodge self buffed. 415 def (no flasking)

Kitty Stats
logged out in cat gear right now

Epic Flight Form
Exalted With the following
Ashtounge Deathsworn (Black Temple)
Cenarion Expedition
Lower City
Sha'tari Skyguard
Keepers of Time
Shattered Sun Offensive
The Scales of Sand (Hyjal Rep)
The Violet Eye (Karazhan)

Onyx Netherwing Dragon
Silver Netherray
White Swifthawk
White Kodo

390 herbalism / 375 Skinning
i think about 170 Badges saved up

note all my gear is gemmed with mostly BT level gems and enchants.
Other sets of gear
Full Shadow resist can hit cap not flasking
Arcane resist set
Fire resist set (including reward ring from Trials of Naaru questline)

on the account as well
69 Female Blood Elf Hunter
355 Enchanting / 365 Leatherworking
plus she has a BT pattern on her

About 1500G on the characters

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