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And now for the COMPLETE breakdown of the 1851 Colt Navy (good to do from time to time)

All necessary tools (though you can get away with a small (not too small) flathead screwdriver...this is my gunsmith screwdriver set complete with missing peices.

Remove wedge pin retention screw

Use wedge removal tool and simply pull barrel free from frame

Use the nipple wrench to remove the nipples from the cylinder (OMG!!1 Nipples)

Remove this screw to separate the loading lever (aka ramrod if you will) from the barrel

Simply remove these screws

And these

This little piece keeps the cylinder lock in place when it needs to be. The one that comes with the revolver is a piece of shit flat steel clip. Very prone to breaking. Check your local gun store/gun smith for a replacement. Minor bending might be required

Remove these screws to separate the hammer/trigger assembly from the frame

Parts pull right out.

On a side note, the main spring (thick flat steel inside the handle) is a bit of a bitch to hold in place while aligning the trigger guard portion of the frame long enough to get a screw in there, but its nothing too difficult.
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