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AlyssaB: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hello
AlyssaB: Hello there Are you looking for legends ABOUT Mt Dew?
You: Well a friend told me that mountain dew "shrinks your balls" just now. Is that just a myth?
AlyssaB: I'm not sure about that. I know it is supposed to lower sperm count. Let me check and see what I can find.
You: This is bad...bad bad bad
You: I drink Mt. Dew ALL THE TIME
You: My wife and I are trying to have a baby too...please tell me its not real
Transfer: You are being transfered to another guide who can help you search even better!

Status: Connected to guide: MarciaN
MarciaN: Welcome to ChaCha!
MarciaN: Hi, do you want to check out the urban legend about Mountain dew?
You: uhh why do I keep getting transferred?
MarciaN: i have no idea, what can I help you with?
You: Is the whole mountain dew myth real?
MarciaN: about it being a contraceptive?
You: I drink it everyday and if its true this could explain a lot
You: a contraceptive?
MarciaN: tell me what you heard
MarciaN: lol
You: the myth about it shrinking my balls
MarciaN: sorry
MarciaN: well let's see
You: it can't be true
You: the last lady said it reduces sperm count
You: which sucks because my wife and I are trying for a baby
MarciaN: i have another site i want to check to
MarciaN: too
You: ok so according to that site its not for real....
MarciaN: i think if it was it wouldbe on the news but let me check this other site that i really trust
MarciaN: nope you're safe, it's false
You: what if pepsi is paying off the news outlets to not report this?
MarciaN: Snopes is an awesome resource for stuff like this
You: oh thank god!
MarciaN: gl with the baby!
You: I love mountain dew and wouldn't want to give it up
You: ty marcia!!
MarciaN: sure, would you like me to find anything else for you?
You: no ma'am, ty very much
You: woo!
MarciaN: lol
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