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Mind boggling how the least suitable people for the job always end up running for president. That goes for the Democrats, too. But they like to shoot themselves in the foot while they're at it. This time they smelled a golden opportunity to take it one step further and go with either a woman or a black dude. GG.

Still how any of the republican front runners could be considered to run for president is pretty amazing. I guess after 8 years of Bush they reckon they all look like geniuses.

fixed? sorry dude, ya done broke it.

I find it more mindboggling that either of the democrat front runners can be considered. what, hillary with her total lack of experience, long list of scandals, and absolutly laughable economic policy and barrack, mister "clean as the wind driven snow" who really isnt... with all those shady land deals, questionable investment timing, and the fact he doesn't have the balls to call hillary out on her ...
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