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You slay me.

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you don't beat liberals by being a liberal. you beat liberals by articulating conservative ideals passionatly and sincerily, which brings the silent majority of Americans to the ballot box which will vote conservative every time. When republicans loose, it is a result of drifting away from key conservative values and trying to strattle the fence. Remember, both sides throw things at the guy on the fence.

That is a good way to look at it. The largest issue is most of America is uneducated to the issues other than the broad dribble that they are hand fed by politicians and the media. Outside of the minority of 10% that will actually take time to research these things and attempt at a logical decision you are left with the common voter who will vote based soley on who they think will win anyways so they'll just add support or they'll vote for whoever is the 'hip' front-runner.

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seriously does anyone even watch the debates? and if you do, how could watch it and still want to vote for McCain? 80% of time i really dont know WTF he is talking about. he just drones on and on. he never answers the questions and ends up saying something about John Kemp and 5 other names he repeats over and over and then goes on to talk about war. he knows nothing about economics. the more i think about it, he really DOESNT ANSWER ANY OF THE QUESTIONS he is asked.

I was rooting for Giuliani despite his 'New York, the next America' mentality as he had some ideas for the economy which I feel is a more pressing issue than the semi-relative war-front or any civil concerns at this time. He has a history of governmental accountability, returned New York's haggard budgets to usable and efficient and in the debates he held much better composure than other Republican candidates. He also fell right into my belief that we need a conservative mentality behind our economy and a moderately liberal one backing up the civil rights portion, which he was well suited to.

McCain seems like a good candidate as a leader but he allows for his ignorance to economical concerns and potential resolutions to show to the public eye and being of such concern presently, over the next couple of years we need someone with a proper background suited to facilitate a positive change. Ron Paul had my interest for a brief time but his economical views are ridiculous and would only send us further down the spiral, perhaps offering only a facade of growth before a total failure. Giuliani had tangible evidence behind him that showed he could be a good leader with positive movements in the economy from his track record in New York, Ron Paul has written many books but outside of theory has done anything to back it up.

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fixed? sorry dude, ya done broke it.

I find it more mindboggling that either of the democrat front runners can be considered. what, hillary with her total lack of experience, long list of scandals, and absolutly laughable economic policy and barrack, mister "clean as the wind driven snow" who really isnt... with all those shady land deals, questionable investment timing, and the fact he doesn't have the balls to call hillary out on her ...

He has an outside view, it's common to feel that way when only looking over the fence and not actually being in the field. Cocky Europeans have to realize that their various governments all suck ass too for various reasons, you just have to go with what works for you and your country and if you as a person cannot tolerate, integrate or operate within that particular government's design and basis than remove yourself from it and to one that you approve of. Politics is an emotionally-driven world and varies greatly from person to person with what they feel is correct, incorrect or otherwise. I have my own concerns and frustrations with our government but I still enjoy America and the particular liberties that being a member offers.

Obama is a good candidate, even if he attempts to come off as more 'squeeky clean' than he really is -- what politician do you know that doesn't and is advertising all of the skeletons in their closets? He has charisma, he's outgoing and confidant and his speech which are all GREAT qualities to have in a leader and are some of the most reaffirming to the inner-populous and those outside the nation when considering foreign affairs. His record of opinion changing at will concerns me but it is minor, just still a concern because you want someone who will give good thought to any decision and stick by it once they've made it a public notion, otherwise doubt is cast on their decision-making skills.

Hillary, I don't even have to get into that, she is a terrible person and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near our capitol. The concept of a woman president is noble but she is not the woman to do it; lacking experience, commonality with the people and logic in major affairs that are top-order in our governmental concerns.
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