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Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: Melinda M
Melinda M: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hi
Melinda M: Hi, how are you?
You: very well
You: how much do you get paid for this gig?
Melinda M: Good to hear. You're wanting information on Genmay?
You: yes
Melinda M: 5-10 dollars per search hour.
You: sweet
Melinda M: :-)\
You: so how many people do you deal with
You: per hour
Melinda M: Well there are 14,000 guides right now and milliions of customers.
Melinda M: Oh, that varies according to time of day.
You: cool
Melinda M: And day of the week.
You: if you on genmay now
Melinda M: It is fun!
You: theres a thread about you guys
Melinda M: Ok, give me just a moment please.
Melinda M: Oh yeah?
You: yeah
Melinda M: You mean on Blizzpub?
You: no
You: its a forum
Melinda M: Oh, okay.
Melinda M: What number loser are we?
You: ill give the link
You: lolz
Melinda M: Ok.
Melinda M: I have genmay.
Melinda M: Ok, I will copy that, thank you.
You: did you look at the link
Melinda M: I can't during this session.
Melinda M: I will have to do it on my own time.
Melinda M: I will have to do it on my own time.
Melinda M: Sorry, but thank you.
You: why?
Melinda M: Have a great day!
Melinda M: Thank you for using ChaCha!
You: hey
You: i havent finished
Status: Session ended.

You fishstick..

edit what the fish?

edit2: YOU CAN'T TYPE FISH anymore?

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