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Got it to's a shit ton of fun but really only because it's almost the same TFC fun with updated gfx.

Some things I liked:
Medics uberheal is cool but should last a little longer imo. Also they should've given the bastard a shotgun really

Cloak is awesomealthough i'm not sure how the timing works......when do you disappear completely after initiating it? Someone always sees me in the first few seconds

Didn't like:
They nerfed the soldier bad. He has little splash damage and his ability to rocket jump has become somewhat more useless with the new map layouts.

The sniper has been nerfed as well. The charging w/o scope and lack of being able to hold a charge while jumping makes the class alot less fun. Also in 2fort he's pretty damn useless. Sure this should cut down the amount of people using sniper, but sometimes it was damn fun to just snipe. Also you practically need to headshot for a kill and a charged shot no longer takes out an SG

Demoman is overpowered. His bombs hit too easily because they appear larger and the nature of the slower paced game (people run slower and jump smaller) and cause extreme damage. I can see this becoming the favorite amongst elitist. In tfc demoman was one of my worst classes because it was somewhat difficult to master. In TF2 though i was taking out people with ease with just one or two shots

All in all it's a great game though. Wonder if "the hunted" will come back?

edit- also anyone know if SGs fire faster at second level anymore?

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