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Originally posted by greendy123
ok so it's right after lunch and im sitting in teh computer labs (btw these are really shitty computers.. like 500mhz' or something). Anyway im sitting there and teh lab is full and im surfing teh [m] and looking at some cool ass mods for CS and this girl comes up to me.. shes 1 of those preppie type ambercombie popular type girls. so she asks in a bitchy tone "hey i need to use that computer to type up and print up a eport i have for sociology".. now remember teh lab is full and she'll probably take all period. so i say to her "haha, no why dont you find one of your american eagle prep boys to mooch off of" lol.. and she walked off all pissed off.. me and my friend were laughing all period, it was fucking hilarious. stupid preps like that will never understand geeks like us at teh [m] lol

oh well it was hilarious. guys shoulda been there
And that is why ye shall never get laid.

Geez, you weren't doing anything productive. Asshole.
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