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Most retail employees will not be handling communication between branch offices and HQ, or general direction of business dictated by shifting customer demands. Although making sure the employees are heard is important too. It's possible to make anything sound simple or complicated regardless of what it actually involves. Someone has to organize and present information to and from the players/subscribers/employees/customers/citizens.

There's a good way and a bad way to do anything. Obama didn't pick his speechwriter because he had perfect attendance. I find the notion of "guaranteed work" based simply on major a little silly. Even if you graduate as a doctor of medicine or a civil engineer, you can still be a bad one and not do well or lose your license.

All the same if you major in history, poly sci or law it doesn't mean you're going to be a great professor, a politician or a lawyer. So whenever people run their mouth about how awesome their degree is, I want to see what it actually amounted to.

sounds reasonable
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