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So having the government require licensing won't actually make us safer but its ok because we can point the finger at the licensing process. We have licenses to drive cars and laws that make driving while intoxicated illegal yet people still do it. So how do drivers licenses make us safer?

You may not need military-esque weapons to defend youself from "A" robber/crazy/etc. What about a group of robbers/crazies/etc? You should have the option to use whatever you deem necessary to defend your life.

So lets say someone meets the mandatory age limit, passes the psych eval, pays the steep license fee. Then one day something in that persons head snaps and they just decide they want to start killing people. How did all those steps prevent that idiot? Meanwhile, someone in that neighborhood couldn't afford the steep license fee and doesn't have a gun to stop the idiot while he kills three families before the cops show up.

If the US descends into anarchy having an AR15 won't make a damn difference really. So that group is going to kill you regardless because the more guns the bigger target you are. If that is what you meant. By that logic when should be you be able buy standard issue RPG or C4? You said any means right?

You can't prepare for that, no one can. Arming the neighborhood because one person might flip is exactly why they have access to so many weapons when they do. It is not the citzen's job to protect others like him, that is why the police have a job. It is not yours or mine and frankly it should never have to be. Besides what happens when that person tries to stop him & dies? Police have the protection the average citizen does not and that is why they risk their lives like that. I sure as hell wouldn't until he steps on my property, then I have the law on my side at least.

Going back to the license it is a vague idea, something extra needs to be done since nothing is now. You can't expect to hand people assault rifles, not force them to be trained how to be safe with them and expect good results. Sane mind or not, the same can be said for handguns. One of the reasons mine is not loaded in condition zero anymore.

Even though by some miracle my 4 year old gets a hold of it there is no clip with it(stored separately) so the worst she'll get is a bruise if she drops it.
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