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I never click on his anti-Semitic or conspiracy theory youtube vids Very rarely, at least.

...hate the jews? Hardly. I spend almost no time at all thinking about jews. In the context of Israeli jews, I rather respect them for their low tolerance for putting up with the sand nlgger's BS as well as their proficiency in lighting their asses up.

Yea didn't watch, usually don't.

I only look down on the jews a tiny bit more than Christians, about on par with muslims. For instance I'd consider putting a cross on my house during Christmas if I had a religious GF, but the moon and star, or the star of david, hell fucking no, it's somehow even more embarrassing.

Also while watching Inside Job and other neo-liberal deregulation scam documentaries, I can't help but notice that every other name ends in "stein" or a "berg" - in fact if that was a drinking game I'd never make it half way through the movie.

other than that i truly don't give a fuck, as long as they* don't blab about how it makes them better people within earshot. Not very PC, but I like to think that holding blacks and Mexicans as absolute categories in higher theoretical regard than either devout jews, muslims, or christians helps me make up for that.

* jews muslims christians, the whole lot
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i do drink but it's not as effective for immediate relief
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