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Some updates for everyone who is still following this thread:

Was just asked to take a bunch of pictures of a trailer today to put on the website. When I asked for the information so we can sell it I was told: "We don't have any"....that's price and everything.

Two printers are out of toner. Requested new toner cartridges. Was told "No. Find another way". Now I'm spending my day researching how to make my own toner.

Company requested internet in the repair bays for the techs. I was tasked with finding a solution. Spent 30 minutes looking for information on the best wifi extenders for transmission through steel walls as well as distance options. Finally, have an answer with some stronger antennas, my boss comes back with a $24.99 wifi extender and says "Make it work". Guess what, it doesn't....

Good gawd this makes me cringe inside. Wi-Fi "extenders" have no place in a business. Tell him to buck up for a nice mesh setup and call it a fucking day. How many square feet we talking? I have 97,000 in my HQ and we handle it with 12 AP's just fine. Hell, I run this at my house and it's complete overkill:

That's good for 20,000 square feet and it hauls balls. 350 bucks. Tell him to just get off his ass and do it.
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