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String theory has no experimental evidence.

Do yourself a favour and stick to the standard model.

That's why it's called string theory and not the String Model. Standard Model and string theory aren't really the same thing, one contains the other. String theory doesn't discount the standard model, it just unifies the mathematical descriptions of electromagnetism, weak, and strong nuclear forces with gravitational force. String theory (as with all unification theories, see: does not make the standard model incorrect, just more complete. It still reproduces experiments under the standard model and all other areas of classical physics.

As a note, just because a theory is mathematically complete and correct, does not mean that it is an accurate description of reality. Take as an example the old Caloric theory for heat, which operated under the assumption that heat was a substance that contained mass. Although the theoretical predictions are mathematically correct and the theory is rigorous, it is not a correct description of reality because the basic assumptions upon which the theory relies have been proven incorrect. This not where string theory stands at this point in time, because it is so good at reproducing everything else in physics. The real experimental issue is the different predictions that can be made under different unified theories. Typically experiments are done to settle conflicting theoretical predictions among different models/theories, so we can tell which one is correct.

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