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I'm even more skeptical about "transporter" technology than I am about FTL technology.

Star Trek one isn't even a basic physics problem. It's a bandwidth issue. With petabyte speeds it would only take 6 billion years to transport one individual.

I think quantum entanglement goes far beyond what current science is looking at. I think all matter is heavily entangled in various ways and we dont see it because most are so stable we never see the entanglement form or break. I think position is a quantum property and one effect is gravity. Matter "wanting" to reintegrate into a point source again. It also may explain the light speed barrier if their is a rate of change limit when using brute force to change the position designator.

If you can directly affect the quantum position you would have instantaneous? relocation/teleportation. If you could do it with minor energy costs you have your stellar drive system..
I am in the middle of trying to write a sci fi novel using that concept.
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