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He's right, though. Leaving a toolbox out on the front porch is like, SUPER tacky.

Edit: The concrete top sounds awesome, though. I'd just like, put it in the garage.

I don't have a garage (my house had the single stall garage converted to the master bed/bath in 1978), and the box is (currently) hidden in a small alcove formed by my chimney - not visible from the curb. The current bench is a total eyesore, and I want to change that, for sure. Maybe even give myself a place to hide the floor jack away.

I'd love to do the wheels idea, except that a concrete top (a requirement) is going to weigh about 800 lbs (11 bags of concrete, lol), and I'm not entirely sure that I could find casters that support that kind of weight.

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have you got a decent sized storage space?

No. I don't.

concrete top doesnt sound like a good idea either. its a bastard to get smooth(ditto level), so unless youre going to spend serious time, money and effort to polish that fucker you wont be able to work nice materials on it.
I'm willing to put the time in polishing it, and it needn't be too bad. There's a quikrete product for counter tops with relatively low slump, and flat and level is all a function of good screeding and mold building, so I think it's a doable proposition. I've already had to flatten a few spots in a walkway using a diamond wheel on my angle grinder.
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