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Official 2009 [M]eat! (8/22/09; Portland, OR)

It's that time of year again, time for our beloved anniversary celebration. Most of us have spent as many hours on the internet as we have in real, waking life so it makes sense to celebrate our internetness by attending this event!

The meet will take place on August 22nd in Portland, Oregon. Times and Locations are currently being worked on by myself and SF_J.

A definitive headcount would be fantastic, and make things easier for planning. Also, ages (just state if you're legal to drink or not.)

Use this thread to discuss travel arrangements, suggestions for activities, and anything meet related.

I am also having Dan, Rachoni and Growler stay at my place. Thats a lot for my apartment, so I'm pretty much full up on spots.

Hotels shouldnt be a big deal right now, flights, however, are only going to get more expensive. PDX is the airport you'll probably want to fly into. Try to organize fly in times so you can split a taxi. I can pick some people up, but i don't really want to be a ferry going back and forth to the airport all day

I will update this thread with more info as it develops.

Perhaps we can hit a bar or restaurant on friday evening for those flying into town

Definite: 28
Maybe: 8

Guest List:
Popnfresh (Growler)
The Spyder

Official location set!

We'll be having this years big meet in Pyramids (parents) Backyard!

he is located in Hillsboro, Oregon.

It is approximately 20 minutes from the heart of portland.

Possible hotels:
Maybe someone can call and see about a group discount?

Getting to pyramids house may be a little bit harder than easy. If you can spare a seat, let the thread know.

I am planning on the meet beginning Saturday August 22nd at 2pm in pyramids backyard, and lasting until around 10pm. Food and drinks(non alcoholic) will be provided, but we always welcome a special dish or something to that nature. I think the goal is to have some sort of potluck, with plenty of bbq.

alcohol will be a byob situation, minors shouldnt bring alcohol.

No drugs allowed.

Pyramids rules:
Originally Posted by pyramid View Post
No breaking stuff, no taking stuff, trash and butts get disposed of properly not discarded randomly... My parents worked long and hard to have the things they do and they will expect respect. Though I suspect the same is true in any of your households. That's about it for general rules but I figure you guys knew that stuff already. It's not like I'm hosting a high school kegger.

My rents will probably want us to leave them alone by around ~10pm, if they are around, but then we can mosey over to my place for as long as people still want to hang out.

Firearms: Please keep them unloaded and stowed in locked trunks/compartments unless you are an Oregon CC holder. If you plan on open or concealed carrying please let me know. Don't touch/handle/play with anyone's firearms without explicit permission to do so. Make sure any firearm is unloaded before letting someone else check it out, always, always, always. Obey standard firearms safety rules at all times...

Also, if you BYOGun you should BYOAmmo and take the possibility of guest shooters into account. Guest shooters who use my firearms are welcome to use my ammo. If you are coming from out of state and are worried about transporting ammo by plane or train, contact me and you can ground ship your ammo to me before hand if you want and I will store it here for you.

If things go well we may be able to make this place a regular genmay meeting spot. If not, this may be the one and only time you guys will ever get to see our property in person.

Sanjays rules:

Originally Posted by sanjay View Post

No drugs
Bring your own alcohol if you are over 21 only.
I will provide a budget for food, soft drinks, water, and clean up crew.

And of course whatever Pyramid wants us to do since he's the boss.

I will look into locations for a Friday night dinner as well, and of course branching off after the meet is also a tradition.

And of course, if you RSVP, and you dont show up, you will be permaed. Do not do that, it is not nice.

I can't think of anything else to include, if i forgot something, let me know. The first post will also be updated.

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