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Originally Posted by Jehannum View Post
We're not talking about shit like modern wiring, where the insulation is soy and biodegradable. This shit is the real shit, made with CFCs and PCBs, and unlikely to disintegrate until the universe dies a heat death, kinda like the old big mac containers.

The wiring all looked fine in '06 when I pulled it out. I'll reassess when I get it up on the board, but keep in mind, I did the same with the 40 y/o wiring in my Datsun, and the 20 y/o wiring in my Nissan not too long ago.
TSRH, old wiring is usually better than modern stuff, not only because of the insulation, but also because the copper inside it was higher quality and a tad thicker than the cheap chinee shit we're seeing these days.

Originally Posted by WhiteTrashRedneckRicer
When have I ever had a refrigerator in my front yard? Is your Alzheimer's kicking in, and you're confusing me with someone else, you old chinless fuck?

At any rate, half of those were taken down at the machine shop. The frame shots and the transmission shot were at my folks' house.

Dude, that house you live in looks like it should have wheels, given the amount of junk in the yard and the 3-foot tall weeds all over the place!!
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