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Yeah, that is all true. Well, the support is ok when they actually reply - sometimes days later. I use my dreamhost account for hosting the odd file, like the weekly topgear.

I'm also with asmallorange, and although their prices seem high, I think they are perfect for what you get - top notch support (I mean really, they're fucking awesome) and fast hosting.

I think you're expecting too much out of these overselling companies they are all going to be slow

I'm currently using 2.2gb of space on my server. Hosting my websites and my client's websites. Space will continue to be an issue. I've used 9gb of transfer and that's going to go up a lot in the coming months due to 2 stores being opened that will be heavily advertised.

So yes, the requirements I listed are fairly important as I have eaten nearly 60gb in a month before due to various traffic not related to file-hosting.
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