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Ebay The Paul Stuart was listed as some other random men's store suit, but they had a picture of the label where it said "made by Paul Stuart" so I snapped that shit up. No idea why the Polo was so cheap, it is kinda high rise in the trousers but not bad for $25 for sure.

You might try Ross/TJ Maxx if you really want to skimp and get a cheap RTW suit.
If you're in Texas, there should be a SIMS who carry alot of suits. I know they have Boss and I believe they have Boss Red Label.
If he's got a Nordstrom Rack/ Saks Off Fifth/etc around, that's another great option. Sales people tend to be kind of useless there though.

No idea why anyone would bring up Tom James for this thread Another one of those "overpriced services for people who don't know better" anyway.
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