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For those of you who haven't followed my projects since the beginning of time, my father and I picked up a '67 GTO in '02, and stripped it with the intention of doing a frame-off resto.

Based on guidance from that one dude with the procharged 'velle on [H], I swapped the front end for a B-body setup and 12" disks, and swapped the disks from a WS-6 F-body (3rd gen) on to the rear. Also, he showed me why rubber bushings on a 4-link rear are better than poly, and which globalwest arms to use for the front.

The motor is a pontiac 400, bored .030" over, and stroked with a 455 crank (462" displacement), with roller cam and rockers, electronic (MSD) HEI, Ram Air 4 heads and manifolds, and probably way underaired and underfueled by a dog stock Rochester quadrajet.
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