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a few things:

intimacy is the most important part of any good relationship, friendship or otherwise. youll never feel close to other people if you dont allow yourself to get close to them, and vice versa.

people dont say shit they dont mean to people they know. if they say they want to hang out they mean they want to hang out. it doesnt feel genuine because your self-confidence is low and youre finding ways to shield yourself from human interaction so that you dont get hurt.

its important to be who you are, but sometimes you need to change who you are to become a better person.

not sharing anything except when youre extremely upset is what i like to call "yarn balling". for every bad thing that happens you save a little piece of string and make it in to a ball, but that ball will become heavy and hard to balance over time. eventually, you lose control of it, and if youve been saving the strings for long enough and the ball gets big enough, its going to roll over and destroy the closest thing to you.

some people dont deserve love, no matter who they are supposed to be to you. but the ultimate challenge of a person is letting go of the past, learning from the experiences, and avoiding detrimental situations in the future.

imho, all people are immoral. find me a respectable person and ill show you a hypocrite. what makes a good or bad person is not who they have been, but who they become. your past doesnt matter. what matters is who you are today.

i have trust issues too, but at the end of the day, youve got to give people the benefit of the doubt. if you dont, youll never give them any chance to prove you wrong. and you are wrong

what happened earlier tonight?
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