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Originally Posted by hOtttPiNk88
Odds are he saw the guy in the restaurant and thats it. He tried to be funny and/or add content to genmay by making up a story, and a bunch of people try to get him in trouble.

I was just feeling bad for Brian Posehn. Just some kewl comedian dude going to get food and getting fucked with for no reason.

Since it “didn’t happen”, he could have made a thread saying “Hayyy I saw Brian Posehn last night, he came into my job and I don’t have any pics but here’s a pic of him in case you don’t know who he is”. People would have still poked fun at the thread but at a way lesser level.

Genmay isn’t a shitty community or whatever for doing this. I am actually proud that most reacted how they did.

Knowing how sick everyone here is, I sorta anticipated everyone e-hi-fiving him for the spit story which disgusted me from the beginning. I love the Brian Posehn/Anti-Food Spitting Fan Club.
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