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Spent the weekend working on and then breaking the car... Removing old shitty intercooler fan, replacing w/ new shitty chinee fan. Also added a fan to the engine lid.

intercooler sits down there in front of the rear pass wheel well (where you can see asphalt/daylight)

ran wiring up to a switch near my left knee, and some wiring for a boost gauge I have to install in the near future...

intercooler extracted, fan installed. the other side that faces the road was CAKED in black shit, I blasted it with throttle body/intake cleaner then rinsed it thoroughly, let it dry. That alone should probably make a big difference.

rain guard removed and flipped over, I installed the 90* arms upside down using some 5min epoxy, drilled some holes for the zip-tie things... it's solid, doesn't rattle or anything.

installed! Working perfectly, not really sure if this is going to resolve my temperature spikes. While I was digging around in there, i discovered that my boost controller was hooked up incorrectly. Normally one bung on the wastegate is blocked shut, other one goes to your boost control. This one had both bungs open, one plumbed to the turbo, one plumbed to my MBC. So any adjustments i was making on my MBC were basically not doing anything. I should have figured this out sooner.

So I think I nailed my boost control problem, got the new fans in there, made some progress on installing a boost gauge, but then I had to go see a friend down in the south bay. Went out for a shakedown. Did some ricer blowbys, got up to triple digits a couple of times, then I started thinking "hey, the car feels a little unstable... that's weird." minute or two later "hey why is my steering wheel cocked slightly to the right? I should definitely get an alignment when I replace my rear tires." A mile later I heard some loud slapping noises, saw rubber chunks flying around, I threw on the hazards and dove over to the breakdown lane, called AAA and ordered a pair of Dunlop Direzza ZIII's.

Nasty! Obviously lost pressure, sidewall failed. I am very fortunate that it didn't blow out violently. I had a LOT of advance warning, was able to pull over to safety. Rim has a couple of marks on it, but it never rode on the ground which is good. This tire had a little bit of metal shrapnel in it, it's been there for months, was on my mind but I deferred it which was stupid.

Can see the sidewall sucked in there

as long as it's in the air I'm doing an oil change

And changed plugs. Old ones weren't terrible, one of them has some crud on it, I need a new valve cover gasket.
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